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Two color pattern on SSS-grade crystal red shrimps

I’m posting hear four videos of my high-grade crystal red shrimps. It’s SSS-grade shrimps often called “Mosura” as well. First two video will show you a SSS crystal red shrimp with “Crown”. Look at the first video that shown the shrimp from the top. You will perfectly see the coloration pattern. Two next video are […]

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SS+ Crystal Red shrimps

I was expecting my high-grade crystal red shrimps tank today and found some SS grade guys. These shrimps are young, then biggest one is about 1/2″ and smallest one (the nice one, almost like SSS flower-head) is less than 1cm in size. It’s interesting that I’ve also found one crystal black shrimps and of course […]

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High grade crystal red shrimps video

My new SSS CRS (crystal red shrimps) are growing good. This guys came young and had amazing solid white color. Usually crystal red and black shrimps are loosing solidness of white spells while their are getting older. Mine shrimps keep their great white shells so far. I feel that Mosura Mineral Plus has great influence […]

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Young High-grade Crystal Red shrimp

I’ve recently got some SSS CRS (crystal red shrimps). They are still young. I keep them in updated aquarium with ADA Aqua Soil. Look at a video with one of the shrimps and some photos below.         Looking forward for them to breed. Conditions in aquarium are great.

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Pregnant shrimps video

In this post we have Crystal Black, Golden Bee and Painted Fire Red shrimps. All are pregnant, all live on one tank and they are on the following video: Crystal black (Caridina cantonensis sp. “Black”) shrimps are less common than crystal red. It’s hard to find a shrimp with solid black color. That one is […]

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