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Java moss. Out of the tank

I have a pretty old (around 3 years old) shrimps tank with green babaulti shrimps. This tank is full of moss, literally, it’s hard to see anything is it. However, shrimps seems to like it. Today, I was doing some water change and decided to make photos of the moss that is sticking out from […]

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Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine Promo 2014

That’s a lucky day! We have two promo subscriptions from Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine today.

First promo works for new subscribers only. You pay $0.75 and getting one year subscription to a digital version of the magazine.

Second promo is for previous subscribers of Earth Day event. You pay $0.99 and getting the same 1-year subscription for the Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine. This subscription ends TODAY (April 28th, 2014).

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Pear grass forest in a shrimp tank

I’m sharing some photos of my 10 gallon painted fire red shrimps breeding tank. The tank bottom is covered with pearl grass (Hemianthus micranthemoides) plants. This plant doesn’t belong to a group of aquarium carpeting plants, it’s grow tall. However, if you cut it often and let it spread, it will create a carpet-like cover […]

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Baby tears aquarium plant

I’m growing baby tears live plant in one of the shrimp tanks. Scientific name of this plant is Micranthemum Umbrosum. As you can see, it’s not easy to pronounce and remember, so people are using common name ‘baby tears’. Do not mix it with dwarf baby tears, that will be Hemianthus callitrichoides and it’s quite […]

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Huge Riccia Mat Challenges

Recently I have decided to clean my riccia mat from some soft green algae growing on it. As you might know, the best way to clean plants from algae is to put them into a tank where you keep a big and healthy colony of shrimps. Shrimps will not spend much time to eat every […]

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