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Blue velvet neocaridina shrimp babies

It was a big change in my personal live. We have got a new baby-girl and that was keeping my busy and away from my shrimps and, of course, from my blog. At the same time, my shrimp colonies are still alive. Not all of them thriving, but in general they are good. I was […]

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Marbled Self-Cloning Crayfish

I keep quite interesting creatures. They are true and only one self-cloning crayfish that exists. They were discovered in a pet shop in Germany in 1990′s. Nobody knows details about this mastery. These crayfish are similar to the slough crayfish (Procambarus fallax.). However, Procambarus fallax can’t clone themselves. Scientific name for marbled self-cloning crayfish specie […]

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Blue velvet shrimp photos

I’m posting several photos of blue velvet shrimps. These shrimps are new addition to family of neocaridina heteropoda freshwater shrimps. Previously available blue-colored neocaridina shrimps were blue pearl shrimps only. They came from selective breeding of snowball shrimps (Neocaridina cf. zhangjiajiensis var. white ). Blue velvet shrimps have different background. They were selected from rili […]

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Blue velvet neocaridina shrimps

Blue velvet are quite new addition to freshwater shrimps keeping and breeding hobby. These shrimps are from prolific on color varieties neocaridina heteropoda species. Blue velvet has appear in the hobby this summer and from I read has been created on Taiwan. These guys are quite related to blue rili and blue jelly shrimps. In […]

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Painted Fire Red shrimps photos

I’m posting some photos of my Painted Fire Red shrimps. They guys are neocaridina heteropoda, so easy to keep and do not require soft water. These colony is doing very good. They live a small tank and I have to clean of often due to the big good of shrimps in it.

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