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Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine Promo 2014

That’s a lucky day! We have two promo subscriptions from Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine today.

First promo works for new subscribers only. You pay $0.75 and getting one year subscription to a digital version of the magazine.

Second promo is for previous subscribers of Earth Day event. You pay $0.99 and getting the same 1-year subscription for the Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine. This subscription ends TODAY (April 28th, 2014).

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New Iwagumi Shrimp Tank Set up. Day 0

I have decided to recreate my old shrimp tank that you might have seen here: or here These the picture are links to video, so you can click there. I have got a new cube aquarium. It has same size, it’s 30cm cube. The biggest difference is that my new aquarium is very well-made, silicon […]

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Planted glass tank, kids version

Our good friends presented us with a little glass and amazing colorful marbles. It was given as an aquarium for our young daughter. So, she got her tank. Today, while I was cleaning my aquariums she decided to clean her’s. She did that nicely with some soap Fresh water made bubbles in the glass. Look […]

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Shrimp house from bamboo charcoal

I’ve got several bamboo charcoal tubes some time ago. I was thinking about getting a bamboo charcoal shrimps house or a cave that are always for sale on eBay. However, they were sold with moss and I was not sure that I liked look majority of them. So, I decided to find bamboo charcoal tubes […]

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Toronto Reptile and Aquatic Expo and Auction

I’m going to visit Toronto Reptile and Aquatic Expo and Auction that will happen soon. Look below. It will take place on Sunday, May 27, 2012 here: View Larger Map

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