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Amazing Fish from Greg and Dominique Aquariums

Recently I had a change to visit a house with beautiful aquariums full of gorgeous fish. I have never thought that rainbow fish could be that stunning. Look at the photos I made below

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1-year subscription for Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine for $0.99 only

In honor of Earth Day, Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine is almost giving away ($0.99 only) its 1-year subscription on digital issue. Hurry up, this offer expires in a week! I’m glad I’ve find this promotion this year again. Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine is the most respectful aquarium magazine and it’s definitely a suitable reading for […]

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Longfin Albino Bristlenose Pleco photos

Although, this site is focused on freshwater shrimps, I will post some pictures of fish I keep. These guys are Albino Bristlenose Plecos, they are longfin breed. In fact, plecos can live in shrimps tank and they will not harm even baby shrimps on purpose. They are interested in algae and other ‘vegetarian’ food. However, […]

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