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Pregnant shrimps video

In this post we have Crystal Black, Golden Bee and Painted Fire Red shrimps. All are pregnant, all live on one tank and they are on the following video: Crystal black (Caridina cantonensis sp. “Black”) shrimps are less common than crystal red. It’s hard to find a shrimp with solid black color. That one is […]

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Tank with Vallisneria corkscrew (Vallisneria Spiralis)

Vallisneria corkscrew (Vallisneria Spiralis) is a perfect undemanding plant. The only care it needs is cutting and removing some runners once they overcrowd your tank or break your design. Look at the photo of my crystal red/golden bee shrimps tank fulled with Vallisneria corkscrew live plants.

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Painted Fire Red and Golden Bee baby shrimps

A white shrimps asked a red one: – Are you sure that you are my brother? – No, stupid, I’m your sister

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