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Amazing Fish from Greg and Dominique Aquariums

Recently I had a change to visit a house with beautiful aquariums full of gorgeous fish. I have never thought that rainbow fish could be that stunning. Look at the photos I made below

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Marbled Self-Cloning Crayfish

I keep quite interesting creatures. They are true and only one self-cloning crayfish that exists. They were discovered in a pet shop in Germany in 1990′s. Nobody knows details about this mastery. These crayfish are similar to the slough crayfish (Procambarus fallax.). However, Procambarus fallax can’t clone themselves. Scientific name for marbled self-cloning crayfish specie […]

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New Iwagumi Shrimp Tank Set up. Day 0

I have decided to recreate my old shrimp tank that you might have seen here: or here These the picture are links to video, so you can click there. I have got a new cube aquarium. It has same size, it’s 30cm cube. The biggest difference is that my new aquarium is very well-made, silicon […]

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Shrimps tank with lots of algae

There are several photos of one of my old tanks. As you can see it has lots of soft green algae. Algae as well as decayed plants are natural food for shrimps. I grow algae in all my shrimps tanks. I just add extra plant fertilization and keep light working 24 hours for first several […]

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Planted glass tank, kids version

Our good friends presented us with a little glass and amazing colorful marbles. It was given as an aquarium for our young daughter. So, she got her tank. Today, while I was cleaning my aquariums she decided to clean her’s. She did that nicely with some soap Fresh water made bubbles in the glass. Look […]

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