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Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine 2-year subscription for $2

There is an amazing promotion from famous Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine! Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are coming early! 2-year digital subscription for $2: Use Discount Code: BLACK or 1-year print/digital subscription for $28 get 1 yr free: Use Discount Code: CYBER Use the following subscription link to get the the page. Subscribe to […]

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Red Claw Crab Photos

This time it is not a shrimp, and it is even not a crayfish :) It’s a crab. It’s kind of freshwater creature, so I was keeping it for a while.

Scientific name of this red claw crab species is Perisesarma bidens. The crabs are quite wide-spread in Indo-Pacific region on sea shores and islands. They live in mangrove swamps where water is warm and semi-salty (brackish). At the same time, they can live quite long in freshwater and salt water.

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