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Neocaridina davidi var orange shrimps

Orange neocaridina shrimps are not new any more. They came to the hobby about 3 years ago and have quite stable strain now.

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Shrimps making love :)

I was lucky to capture a rare moment when shrimps mate or, as we people say, making love You can see how exactly blue velvet (neocaridina hetoropoda) are mating here. Bigger and more blue shrimps is female. In the beginning of the video you can see another male that was trying to join a couple, […]

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Golden yellow shrimps video

I just made a fresh video of one of my golden yellow shrimps. It’s a good-looking mature female. She was not sitting near the front glass and I had to spend lots of time gently pushing her to a right spot in a tank and turning her into right direction. That was not easy, she […]

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Two color pattern on SSS-grade crystal red shrimps

I’m posting hear four videos of my high-grade crystal red shrimps. It’s SSS-grade shrimps often called “Mosura” as well. First two video will show you a SSS crystal red shrimp with “Crown”. Look at the first video that shown the shrimp from the top. You will perfectly see the coloration pattern. Two next video are […]

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Painted Fire Red shrimp videos

I’m posting some videos of my new neocaridina shrimps. They are ‘painted fire red’ shrimps. It’s the most advanced version of well-known freshwater dwarf cherry shrimps. Painted fire red shrimps have been gotten by extensive selecting breeding. As a result they have perfect red color which pass to their babies. Even their males are quite […]

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