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Alder cones PH experiment

After reading about people who use alder cones to lower their pH I decided to check how that work. So, I’ve got an alder cone, placed into a plastic container with tap water. I’ve let it be there for a week Then I’ve tested the water. Ph is 7.6, this is what I usually have […]

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AquaInspiration aquariums

I had a great occasion to visit a superior aquarium store recently. AquaInspiration store focus on planted tanks and offer high quality equipment and service for creating stunning underwater gardens. The store has just moved to a new location and some tanks are fairly new and need time to grow. AquaInspiration team was so kind […]

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My camera

I use quite old and basic camera. It’s Canon PowerShot A6 Patience and making lots of pictures allow to select some of them that are not too bad

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