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Bristlenose albino pleco photos

One more post with fish photos I have pictured a pair of Albino bushynose/brustlenose plecos in my photo tank. These guys are young make and female, however they have already spawn 3 times. They were born in my tank from longfin bristlenose parents. Unfortunately, not all babies from longfin are longfins as well. So, these […]

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Fish Photos. Longfin albino cory

There are some pictures of my beautiful group of longfin albino corydoras catfish. These is a breeding group and you can see that one of the fish is bigger than the others, it’s female. There another small fish, it’s not completely grown-up, it was born in the tank and magically survived together with adults. Usually […]

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Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine Promo 2014

That’s a lucky day! We have two promo subscriptions from Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine today.

First promo works for new subscribers only. You pay $0.75 and getting one year subscription to a digital version of the magazine.

Second promo is for previous subscribers of Earth Day event. You pay $0.99 and getting the same 1-year subscription for the Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine. This subscription ends TODAY (April 28th, 2014).

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Cardinal Tetra Fish Photos

I have a community fish tank, it’s my first aquarium and I still keep different fish in it. A good school of cardinal tetras is a true beauty of this tank. Scientific name of these guys is Paracheirodon axelrodi. Look at some of them on my close-up photos:

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Amazing Fish from Greg and Dominique Aquariums

Recently I had a change to visit a house with beautiful aquariums full of gorgeous fish. I have never thought that rainbow fish could be that stunning. Look at the photos I made below

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