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Neocaridina davidi var orange shrimps

Orange neocaridina shrimps are not new any more. They came to the hobby about 3 years ago and have quite stable strain now.

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Orange sakura shrimp close ups

I would like to share several close up photos of my orange sakura shrimps. Their scientific name is neocaridina davidi var ‘orange’ shrimps. These shrimps are easy to keep and, in fact, they are color morph or well-known cherry shrimp. I have seen two color strains of  orange shrimps. Some of them are more reddish and they […]

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Orange Sakura neocaridana shrimps

There are not so many pure colors are left for neocaridina heteropoda breeders to play with. Orange sakura shrimps are mix of yellow and red with more yellow in the mix. I keep these guys. There is another color variation of orange shrimps called “pumpkin” I see that they have more red color like a […]

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Neocaridina Orange Sakura shrimp videos.

I’m posting here several new videos of my orange sakura shrimps. They are truly nice creatures. I’ve also found that unlike cherry shrimps, orange neocaridina males are keeping orange color perfectly. And some pictures as well:

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Orange Sakura shrimps. New color morph of neoracidina heteropoda

Breeders are constantly working on new color varieties of neoracidina heteropoda shrimps. Orange shrimps are new achievement on that root. I was keeping these orange guys for quite a while for now. I was willing to make sure that they did bred true. I see now that babies keep orange hue of parent. Look at […]

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