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Painted fire red shrimps in pearl grass plants

Let me share some more photos I made recently in my 10 gallon painted fire red shrimps (neocaridina davidi) growing tank.
This tank is full of pearl grass plants, look at some shrimps sitting in ‘the bushes’.

[caption id="attachment_1295" align="alignnone" width="600"]Painted fire red shrimps hangs on the plant Painted fire red shrimps hangs on the plant[/caption]

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Pear grass forest in a shrimp tank

I’m sharing some photos of my 10 gallon painted fire red shrimps breeding tank. The tank bottom is covered with pearl grass (Hemianthus micranthemoides) plants. This plant doesn’t belong to a group of aquarium carpeting plants, it’s grow tall. However, if you cut it often and let it spread, it will create a carpet-like cover […]

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Neocaridina Davidi var. ‘Blue Velvet’ Shrimp Photos

Neocaridina ‘blue velvet’ shrimps is quite popular these days. There is no so many blue shrimps and fish in freshwater hobby at all. I’m sure you all know OEBT (orange eyed blue tiger) shrimps. They are famous not only because mysterious orange eyes, but mostly because of amazing blue coloration. Unfortunately, blue velvet cannot complete […]

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Home-Grown Bloody Mary Neocaridina Shrimp

I have one very interesting shrimps in my chocolate shrimps tank. It’s a make and it doesn’t look like my other chocolate shrimps. It’s bright red shrimp :). You might read about new red variation of neocaridina davidi (former heteropoda) shrimps before. These shrimps are super cool and they are called Bloody Mary. They color […]

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Huge Riccia Mat Challenges

Recently I have decided to clean my riccia mat from some soft green algae growing on it. As you might know, the best way to clean plants from algae is to put them into a tank where you keep a big and healthy colony of shrimps. Shrimps will not spend much time to eat every […]

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