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Huge Riccia Mat Challenges

Recently I have decided to clean my riccia mat from some soft green algae growing on it. As you might know, the best way to clean plants from algae is to put them into a tank where you keep a big and healthy colony of shrimps. Shrimps will not spend much time to eat every […]

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Blue velvet neocaridina shrimp babies

It was a big change in my personal live. We have got a new baby-girl and that was keeping my busy and away from my shrimps and, of course, from my blog. At the same time, my shrimp colonies are still alive. Not all of them thriving, but in general they are good. I was […]

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Marbled Self-Cloning Crayfish

I keep quite interesting creatures. They are true and only one self-cloning crayfish that exists. They were discovered in a pet shop in Germany in 1990′s. Nobody knows details about this mastery. These crayfish are similar to the slough crayfish (Procambarus fallax.). However, Procambarus fallax can’t clone themselves. Scientific name for marbled self-cloning crayfish specie […]

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Shrimps tank with lots of algae

There are several photos of one of my old tanks. As you can see it has lots of soft green algae. Algae as well as decayed plants are natural food for shrimps. I grow algae in all my shrimps tanks. I just add extra plant fertilization and keep light working 24 hours for first several […]

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Algae is the best shrimp food

I just would like to mention again that algae is a natural shrimp food. Freshwater shrimps don’t eat any type of algae. Although, some algae species like ‘stringy algae‘ or ‘black beard‘ are too hard for shrimps to bite, shrimps will try to eat it with almost no success. At the same time soft green […]

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