I always have some plants I can give away for free.


If you live in Toronto, come here and get some free plants or snails. If you are buying some shrimps from me, I can add some plants on snails to your packages.


Live freshwater plants

  • pearl glass – nice small-leaved plant, can create a carpet or grow tall
  • baby tears (Micranthemum umbrosum) – bright small-leaved plant, medium light, grow fast
  • stargrass – fast-growign stem plant, needs high light
  • java moss – the most common moss, easy to grow, low light.
  • сhristmas moss – I have just a little bit to share, low light.
  • hygrophila difformis - easy to grow stem plant, undemanding
  • hygrophila polysperma - easy to grow reddish plant, medium light, will be more red with good light
  • ludwigia repens – stem plant with red leaves, medium light, will be quite red with good light
  • mini water lettuce – nice-looking floating plant, look here: Mini Water Lettuce Plant

Freshwater Snails

  • red ramshorn snail – nice looking red snails, grow up to 1/2″ in size, easy to breed
  • MTS (Malaysian Trumpet Snails) – have coned shells, bury into gravel, breed very actively




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