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Shrimp tank is about easy and rewarding shrimp keeping and breeding. However, if you apply some efforts and add live plants, it’s not hard to turn a simple tank into a beautiful underwater world.

My Shrimp Aquariums

Shrimp tank with just marimo moss balls

Shrimp tank with just marimo moss balls

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  • vincent says:

    Is this doable without chiller? I start with nano tank 20x20x20cm with a driftwood and Christmas moss and the Japan moss ball. Everything doing well for 1 mth but recent weeks, my CRS are dying daily. They are those grade sss type.i running 2 Dc fan and similar filter as yours . Shrimps including fire red reach around 25 before they start dying. Now I left with 15 of them.

    so I am curious on your tank without chiller

    • Igor Kanshyn says:

      You know, I’m Canada, it’s not that hot here.
      Neocaridina shrimps (fire reds) can live in 28C – no problem. However, make sure that you have a good filtration, everything is very fast in a high temperature.
      Caridina shrimps (crystal red shrimps) need a lower temperature. They are feeling good in 21-23C. I have found that they are dying after several days at 28C. 25C is not a problem for them.
      So, I suggest you keep your temperature low (~ 23C) and look for a real cause for your troubles. Change water, add some bacteria …

  • vincent says:

    There is not much choice other than chiller but nano tank, running a normal chiller seems overkill. There is no casailty for up to 26oC . Recent weather had increase to unbearable stage and they keep dying. Seems like upgrading bigger tank with chiller is the only option if I want keep cardina shrimps.

    • Igor Kanshyn says:

      I have similar problem in August, it’s quite hot month and temperature can reach 30+ C.
      So, I keep an air conditioner working in a room with my tanks.

      The problem with chillers that they evaporate water very fast. Then you need yo top-up your tank and if you are not using RO (distilled water), you will increase TDS, hardness and pH.
      Keeping the whole room cold or use RO water and do water changes.


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