Orange sakura shrimps for sale

Orange Sakura shrimps for sale


These stunning orange freshwater shrimps are for sale.

Orange neocaridina shrimps for sale. They are dwarf freshwater shrimps that can live in any healthy tank, perfect pets for your home or office aquarium.

These orange sakura shrimps are stunning especially in a planted tank. They can live and breed in any established freshwater aquarium without big fish (tetras are fine, discus is not).
Their scientific name is Neocaridina heteropoda var. orange.

These shrimps grow up to 1.2″ in size. If you are going to keep them with fish, make sure that there are enough hiding places in a tank for baby shrimps to survive. Live plants with small leaves are recommended.
Shrimps will get better colors in a tank with contract (black, blue) gravel or sand and with good light.

Price is $4 each, or 10 shrimps for $35.

I’m selling juvenile shrimps. They survive moving better and acclimatize in a new place easily. They will be about 3/8″-1/2″ in size. I can add some adults for your request. Orange sakura shrimps accept different food. The best food should be veggie-based and has less protein. These shrimps will clean you tank from algae and decayed plant parts

Pick up in Toronto near Keele / Bloor intersection or get them shipped. Shipping cost is starting from $12 and depends on your location.

Please, contact me with your postal code to get accurate shipping quote.


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