Shrimp Keeping

How to keep your shrimps alive

  1. First of all, you need to have an established (cycled) aquarium. If you aquarium is set up and have been running for several weeks or more, it should be fine. If you don’t have an aquarium, you definitely need to buy one and cycle it first.
  2. Big fish can eat dwarf shrimps. There is a simple rule of thumb: a fish will eat any shrimp that fits its mouth. But don’t be upset about this, dwarf shrimps grow up to 1.2”, so only big fish can eat them. Shrimps can live and even breed with most of the tetras and similar size fish. Some algae eating fish, like ottos and dwarf plecos, are not dangerous for shrimps at all.
  3. Your filter can suck shrimps unless its intake tube covered with something. A good way to do this is cut a piece of net from a garlic package, cover end of your intake tube with it and secure the net with a rubber band. Another way is get a piece of sponge, cut a chink in it and put the sponge on the intake tube.
  4. That’s all you need. And, of course, you need to keep your aquarium maintained and clean. Enjoy your shrimp keeping!
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