Neocaridina Davidi var. ‘Blue Velvet’ Shrimp Photos

Neocaridina ‘blue velvet’ shrimps is quite popular these days.
There is no so many blue shrimps and fish in freshwater hobby at all. I’m sure you all know OEBT (orange eyed blue tiger) shrimps. They are famous not only because mysterious orange eyes, but mostly because of amazing blue coloration. Unfortunately, blue velvet cannot complete with the tigers in coloration, but some them are very nice.

Neocaridina davidi var. ‘blue velvet’ shrimps has a great advantage in comparison with the tiger shrimps, they and neocaridina which means they are easy to keep. This is opening so many door for this variety and set them free for a public.

I’m posting some new photos of my blue velvet shrimps here:

As you can see these shrimps have quite transparent body. I hope that one day we will have some kind of painted variety that will be as solid as painted fire red shrimps

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