Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine Promo 2014

That’s a lucky day! We have two promo subscriptions from Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine today.

First promo works for new subscribers only. You pay $0.75 and getting one year subscription to a digital version of the magazine.

Second promo is for previous subscribers of Earth Day event. You pay $0.99 and getting the same 1-year subscription for the Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine. This subscription ends TODAY (April 28th, 2014).

Promo I

Please, find more details about 75 cents subscription below:

TFH $0.75 promo

TFH $0.75 promo

Wow! We are so lucky to have such great fans! As a thank you, we are offering a one-year TFH digital subscription for 75 cents. Visit and use promo code THANKYOU to take advantage of this fantastic offer and get your fill of fishkeeping knowledge for a full year anywhere you go! Some restrictions apply. New subscriptions only, must be pre-paid online with valid credit card. Subscriptions ordered through this promotion will begin with the July 2014 issue and cannot be adjusted. Valid email address required to access the digital subscription. TFH reserves the right to cancel any orders that violate the terms of this offer.

This information is gotten from here: TFH Facebook Fan Page Post

Promo II

You should find 99 cent subscription details in your e-mail box (check spam as well).

TFH $0.99 promo

TFH $0.99 promo

Good luck with your subscription. And do not be upset if you haven’t found a promo that fits you. This magazine is not expensive but definitely worth to subscribe.

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