Blue velvet neocaridina shrimps

Blue velvet are quite new addition to freshwater shrimps keeping and breeding hobby. These shrimps are from prolific on color varieties neocaridina heteropoda species.

Blue velvet has appear in the hobby this summer and from I read has been created on Taiwan.

These guys are quite related to blue rili and blue jelly shrimps. In some cases they are just the same, but not always.
Blue velvet has much lighter blue color in comparison with well-known blue pearl shrimps. They are also not losing their blue color under stress.

Look at several photos of one of my females Blue velvet female shrimp Blue velvet female shrimp Neocaridina Heteropoda var. Blue Velvet Neocaridina Heteropoda var. Blue Velvet Neocaridina blue velvet shrimp Neocaridina blue velvet shrimp

Blue velvet shrimps as other neocaridina heteropoda do not require soft water and can live in any healthy aquarium. These shrimps are new for me, but I already have some babies jumping around. They should be good and easy breeders.

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