Shipping to Canada

Shipping to any place within Canada is available. In this winter time I’m using a special insulation packing and a heatpack.

I’m giving a live arrival guarantee on 1 and 2-day Canada Post shipping. We are packing shrimps with insulation material and use heat-pack is required. In this winter time, one box can hold up to 30 shrimps.

1-day shipping within Ontario usually costs up to $20. Shipping in big cities like Montreal and Ottawa is cheap as well. Some far places like BC or PEA are more expensive. Ask me for a shipping quite with your postal code.

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  • Cherylhodgson says:

    I am interested in purchasing some of your (20-30) yellow shrimp….could you please tell me what shipping would be to Calgary ….I assume you accept visa….or do you prefer money order?

  • brad says:

    hello im looking for red cherry shrimp or any shrimp you have thats cheap lol, anyways i live in nova scotia (sydney) would you ship to here?? email me please asap lol

  • Akiko says:

    How much would it be to ship to Burnaby, B.C for the Red cherry shrimp and the Crystal Red shrimps?

  • Carrie says:

    How Much would it be to mail them to North Bay area?

  • robert says:

    hey do you have super tiger shrimp, if so, how much is shipping to montreal

  • sheila says:

    hi. i called you this afternoon around 3pm and it seems like your busy. can i just place an order you ship it to my address? i will email you again about my orders then let me know how i will pay you. thanks! postal code is M2J1A8 for shipping estimate. thanks

  • sheila says:

    hi. its sheila. i hope you got my email last night about my order. im just wondering if its possible to get it by friday if its ship sooner? thanks.


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