Orange Sakura neocaridana shrimps

There are not so many pure colors are left for neocaridina heteropoda breeders to play with.
Orange sakura shrimps are mix of yellow and red with more yellow in the mix. I keep these guys.
There is another color variation of orange shrimps called “pumpkin” I see that they have more red color like a real Hallowin pumpkin :)

These shrimps are similar in keeping with yellow, cherry, snowball and other neocaridina heteropoda and neocaridina cf. zhangjiajiensis freshwater shrimps. Briefly, they just need a healthy aquarium and do not care about pH and water hardness.

As it works for almost all dwarf freshwater shrimps, aged females are the best ones.
Look at some photos I’ve made recently

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  • Ashley H. says:

    I am the proud owner of 20 orange sakura shrimp :) thanks to Igor. Such beautiful little creatures. My shrimp and plants all arrived happy and healthy after their very long trip from Ontario to British Columbia. They were snug and safe in the very well packed bags and box. I will definitely buy from Igor again. Thank you

    ~ Ashley from BC


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