Shrimp-Tank. Mosura BioPlus Baby Food
Shrimp-Tank. Mosura BioPlus Baby Food

Mosura BioPlus. Baby food


Mosura BioPlus is a bacteria powder, essential food for baby shrimp
Net Weight: 35g

Product Description

Mosura BioPlus is a bacteria powder, essential food for baby shrimp
Net Weight: 35g

Mosura BioPlus is a blend of all natural bacteria scientifically formulated to create and maintain cleaner shrimp tanks. It improves water quality required by highly sensitive shrimp species like Crystal Red Shrimps or Red Bee Shrimps by breaking down and consuming dissolved waste and impurities in water. It is also capable of breaking down physical waste and causing debris to sink down to the bottom of gravel layer and thus maintain a heathy substrate and delay the occurance Old Tank Syndrome.
It reduces mortality resulted with waste accumulation and toxic ammonia levels and helps control pathogenic bacteria outbreaks by competitive exclusion.
BioPlus contains trace nutrients which are necessary for bacteria to grow and these trace nutrients are also needed by shrimplets and shrimps. It provides a source of food for newly born shrimps by promoting biofilm in the tank, which the shrimplets eats on. It is also an alternative food sources for juveniles and adult shrimps and lowers the infant mortality rate of shrimplets while improving the survival rate for adults. It establishes a balanced microorganism environment which is essential for healthy shrimps, other fauna and flora in a tank.
This products can be used as on going to maintain a healthy level of bio activity, resetting an old failed tank without redo the tank and use to speed up tank cycling.
Use Mosura Bioplus when you have a population bloom, this will ensure each of your shrimplets get enough microorganism as food to enhance survival and growth.
We advise to increase oxygen level when Mosura Bioplus is used, anyway, shrimps like oxygen rich environment. We recommend storing this product in cool places before and after opening. Reduce feeding when Mosura BioPlus is used as shrimps take it as a food source.

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