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Mosura DeNitro


significantly reduces nitrites and nitrates
Net Weight: 25g

Product Description

Mosura DeNitro is made up of a strain of denitrifying bacteria which has a strong ability to reduce nitrite and nitrate into a harmless gaseous state of nitrogen. It starts to work 24 hours after dosing. Mosura DeNitro is especially useful in breaking down nitrite in shrimp tanks without turning nitrite into nitrate.

The result of using Mosura DeNitro is a reduced build up of nitrate. Hence, the volume and frequency of water change can be reduced. And shrimps survive and breed better in no nitrate condition. Blooming algae or green water conditions can be with the use of this product.

Maintenance: 1 scoopful flat for 100litre of tank water, every 7 to 15days To Reduce High Nitrite/Nitrate Condition: 1 scoopful flat for 50litre of tank water, every 5 to 7days. Reduce feeding.

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 x 2 cm


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