Shrimps making love :)

I was lucky to capture a rare moment when shrimps mate or, as we people say, making love :)

You can see how exactly blue velvet (neocaridina hetoropoda) are mating here.

Bigger and more blue shrimps is female. In the beginning of the video you can see another male that was trying to join a couple, but that was not successful. The ‘alpha’ guy is holding female well.

I’ve seen shrimps mating before, however that always was very fast. It was just a few second interaction and then shrimps jumped out of each other  and went to different directions. This time shrimps have done mating differently. It’s actually looks more like a crayfish mating, they are doing that 2-5 minutes :)

And a picture …

Blue velvet shrimps are mating

Blue velvet shrimps are making love

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